New MBT Facility logo designed by South Essex College student

October 31, 2014

When UBB was awarded the Residual Waste Treatment Contract by Essex County Council and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, we understood the importance of delivering a solution that local residents could identify with and be proud of.  UBB decided that the branding exercise necessary to identify a name and logo for the facility represented an ideal opportunity to engage with local students from Felmore Primary School and South Essex College in order to establish lasting relationships with the community.

UBB worked with Essex County Council officers to develop and deliver a series of branding workshops with pupils from Felmore Primary School.  The aim of the workshops was to engage with the children as future citizens of the area and enlist their help to inspire ideas for the name and a brand identity of the new MBT facility. The workshops were designed to highlight local heritage by linking the past with the present through the National Curriculum.

By the end of the process, a number of ‘Idea Boards’ were developed by the pupils which captured a variety of phrases and pictures which linked the MBT facility with the local heritage.  The most common words used by the children for the new MBT facility were: “waste centre” “rubbish centre”, and “eco centre”.  Additional research of the Doomsday book unearthed links to the Saxon era when a freeman named Tovi owned the land at the Courtauld Road site.  UBB was able to identify common themes amongst the childrens’ ideas before settling on a name which was felt to reflect the historical importance of the surrounding area and our place within it; the Tovi Eco Park Facility.

UBB then engaged with South Essex College (Southend Campus) and a brief was set for second year BA (Hons) Graphic Design students to propose a logo and further develop the brand identity for the Tovi Eco Park Facility. A donation was awarded by UBB to the student group for use in the delivery of their end of year exhibition, whilst the student with the winning design was presented with a £200 prize and would see their design become a reality.

Each student developed and presented a design which they felt captured the purpose of the facility within the local context and it was for the Essex Waste Partnership to identify a winner from the range of high quality proposals.

The chosen design (below) was developed by Lee Sanders.  It was felt that Lee’s design best captured the historical importance of the Saxon era when Tovi owned the land, whilst visually demonstrating the sustainable partnership between UBB, Essex County Council and the local community.


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