Public statement from the Contractor and Shareholders following the execution of the Amendment and Settlement Agreement

April 21, 2022

A spokesperson on behalf of Urbaser Balfour Beatty said: “Essex County Council (ECC) and UBB Waste (Essex) Limited (UBB) have agreed to settle a dispute regarding UBB’s design, construction and operation of the mechanical and biological waste treatment facility, otherwise known as the Tovi Eco Park, in Basildon, Essex.” 

No money will be payable by ECC to UBB in respect of the termination of the contract relating to the facility or the settlement of the dispute. In order to settle the ongoing dispute, UBB has agreed to close, clean, safety proof and demolish the facility, at its own cost, before handing back the Environmental Permit to the Environment Agency. 

UBB acknowledges that the facility did not meet the specifications set out by ECC during the procurement process and subsequently included in the residual waste treatment contract. UBB also accepts its responsibility for the situation with the facility and the fact that the situation was not the fault of ECC.”

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